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The industry’s most advanced network visualization engine uses flow, device, and wire data for an end-to-end view of network activity from WAN to LAN to datacenter to cloud to edge.



Expert-level analytics identify
problems in performance, quality,
and applications in real-time
and with historical insight.



An intuitive workflow from insight to remediation supports progressive drill-down from multi-segment, multi-location all the way to packet payloads.



Optimize performance across legacy, software-defined, and cloud-based network devices with rich intelligence from machine learning that predicts what’s important.


Network Performance, Visualization and Analytics Platform

Our award-winning network performance, visualization, diagnostics and analytics platform for Enterprises; LiveNX, offers a deep understanding of networks to enable our customers to provide better digital experiences utilizing continuous insight, service assurance and control of enterprise networks.


Network Performance Monitoring for Service Providers

LiveSP is a purpose-built platform for Service Providers to easily monitor the networks of their enterprise customers. Through the data collection from CPE and NFV across their customers, LiveSP creates powerful insights used to plan, diagnose, optimize and report on application performance and end-user experience.


Advanced network packet analysis for rapid root cause of performance issues.

Best-in-class packet analysis software for protocol decodes and insights. Omnipeek decodes over 1,000 protocols so network engineers can monitor distributed networks remotely to quickly identify and remedy performance bottlenecks without leaving the office.


Discover the powerful network performance analytics platform.