LiveAction Maintenance Plans

Maintaining an active maintenance agreement with LiveAction is the easiest and most cost-effective way of protecting your product investment. By obtaining maintenance, you will have access to the future product updates to save time and avoid productivity loss, enabling you to focus on more strategic IT objectives. Listed below are the benefits of maintenance and why it’s so critical to your success.

How to Purchase a LiveAction Maintenance Plan

You can obtain a maintenance plan at the time you initially purchase a LiveNX perpetual license, either directly from LiveAction, a LiveAction Channel Partner, or from the Cisco GPL. Maintenance term options are available in 1, 3 and 5-year increments.

Please contact your Customer Success Manager here or
1-888-881-1116 if you’re planning to add, renew or expand your maintenance plan. Additionally, existing LiveAction customers under an existing maintenance plan, will get a reminder from their designated Customer Success Manager three months prior to the expiration date of their maintenance contract.

A Maintenance Plan Gives You Access to Our Technical Support Team

Our network experts are available to help you with:

  • Questions regarding new versions and features
  • In-depth troubleshooting
  • Issues with your hardware
  • Critical emergencies—24/7 support is available for Severity 1 issues.

Need to contact support now?:  LiveAction Technical Support .

Active Maintenance Gives You Access to the Latest LiveNX Releases and Features

Why fall behind when you don’t have to? Having an active maintenance contract allows you to easily upgrade to the latest version of your solution and leverage the new feature you’ve been waiting for. As software and cloud application features evolve, you will ensure your solution is not only evolving as well, but is performing to the best of its abilities. For example, 4.x license keys are not compatible with 5.x or 6.x, if you’re under active maintenance, you may request your license key upgrade at:

What features you could be missing if you haven’t upgraded:

  • Topology scaling
    Support for devices with 1,000 interfaces
  • Flow sampling reports and dashboards
    Increased visibility to accelerate troubleshooting tasks
  • Cisco PfRv3 dashboard and reports
    Optimize your Cisco infrastructure for performance
  • Expanded device compatibility
    Cisco Nexus 7K, integration with Gigamon GigaSMART & Ixia Network Visibility solutions
  • Restful API and enhanced reporting
    Enables integration with other tools to achieve a single pane of glass
  • Role-based Access Control (RBAC) and logging of commands
    Simplifies and secures management of LiveNX users
  • Cisco SD-WAN (Intelligent WAN) Management
    Application and path visualizations to effectively validate WAN Return-on-Investment
  • Web UI
    Introduction of the Early Adopter Release of the LiveNX Web UI
  • Capacity planning with guided workflow
    Determine how the network is meeting the needs of the business
  • LiveUX integration
    Correlate end-user experience and network information to accelerate problem resolution
  • Expanded device support (Cisco 4500, 3850, Nexus 9000 Series)
    Get the most out of your hardware investment
  • Simplified installation and deployment
    Added OVA packaging with automated upgrades
  • Web UI Reporting Enhancements
    Customizable, full screen NOC Dashboard provides a single-pane-of-glass view of your network’s health. Additional redesign and Web UI enhancements added scheduled reporting and saved report templates.
  • Enhanced Multivendor Support
    LiveNX 6.0 extends coverage to support a multivendor network environment. Interface IP address and mask settings can be configured to enable almost any device to be added to LiveNX. The ability to add firewall flow data provides greater insight into sanctioned and unsanctioned applications.
  • Improved SD-WAN Monitoring
    Improved reporting interface provides insight into ideal SD-WAN pilot sites. Additionally, SD-WAN smart probe traffic can be filtered out of reports.

Active Maintenance Allows You to Reinstall Purchased Software

As long as you renew your maintenance contract, you will be able to reinstall the purchased software at the version you were running, or at the most recent version. If you did not renew your maintenance contract, or do not currently have maintenance, you have zero options—the license you wiped from your original server is no longer associated with the machine.